CGBS – Project Review System (PRS)

CGBS – Project Review System (PRS) is an online portal which has been developed to review the Global Country Study Report (GCSR) Projects. It is the common platform for GCSR Coordinators, Faculty Guides and Students to interact each other. It is the unique initiative taken by Centre for Global Business Studies (CGBS) to upload, review, modify and view progress of ‘Global Country Study Reports’. The main objective of implementing Project Review System (PRS) is to ensure the good quality project by providing real time feedback to students.

Important Dates

GCSR Country Allocation 18/07/2017 – 24/07/2017
Registration – Student, Industry Identification, Project and Faculty 25/07/2017 – 21/08/2017
Submission of PPR -I 22/08/2017 – 18/09/2017
Submission of PPR -II 19/09/2017 – 16/10/2017
Submission of PPR -III 17/10/2017 - 10/11/2017
Identification and registration of Company (Which is to be visited during semester gap of Sem-III & IV). 11/11/2017 – 20/11/2017
Plagiarism Check (Acceptable Limit is 30%) of Full Report and Final Correction suggested by Project Guide. Final Report Submission on Portal 21/11/2017 - 02/12/2017
Generate Report Completion Certificate 03/12/2017 - 06/12/2017
Internal Viva at Institute level and submission of final hard copy of project to institute 07/12/2017 – 17/12/2017
Tentative Dates of GTU Viva – Semester III 18/12/2017 – 26/12/2017


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GCSR Hand Book 2016-17 Assessment - Marks Grades of CEC for GCSR Circular-Country Allocation for 2017-18